Administration and Production Management

Nina C. Solberg 
Managing Director  

Lars- A. Harvik
Commercial Director

Anders N. Dahlgren
Director of Operations

Anne Heidegård
HSEQ Manager

Anne-Cath. Unelsrød
Project Manager

Anthony Børnes
Project Manager

Arnulf Aannestad
Project Manager

Thea Kristine Lund
Project Manager

Henning Tollefsen
Technical Manager / Head of Inspection

Marek Nogas
Head of Milling

Ole Arne Kristiansen
Head of Turning

Tor Olav Roso
Head of Welding & Materials 

Ferhat Gökmen
Head of Assembly

Henning Olsen
IT manager

Emilie Skogmo
Project coordinator 

Sunniva Vinæs Kleven
Project coordinator  

Maud Blattmann

Malin Heimdal