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Quality Assurance




Our quality assurance program ensures supreme quality through all stages of the HTS maskinteknikk value chain. From our cutting-edge inspection facility, to
documentation and an extensive continuous improvement program – quality is in our back bone. Why? Because quality matters!


Inspection and Quality Control

From the very beginning of the HTS maskinteknikk adventure, a strong inspection and quality control function has been a foundation for delivering value to our customers. We provide our customers with the latest within inspection technology and control functions when carrying out manufacturing activities. At HTS maskinteknikk roughly 15% of our staff is directly involved in control and verification of our production and all our machine operators undergoes extensive training and guidance in carrying out inspection activities during production.  Self-monitoring in all processes provides a safety net in addition to planned quality control.

Our 63 m² inspection facility with anti-vibration floor, separated from the rest of the building, and a constant temperature at 20°C ± 1° with over-pressure, features several state-of-the art measuring devices including three Johansen CNC measuring machines, a laser scanner and a wide range of other measuring devices for carrying out complex measuring tasks. 

In addition to our inspection facility, both NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and High Pressure Testing are carried out on our in-house testing facility.


At HTS maskinteknikk calibration of our own equipment is carried in our in-house calibration facility. With an anti-vibration floor, a constant temperature of 20°C ± 0,5° and constant over-pressure, the conditions are optimal for carrying out calibration activities.

In addition to calibrating our own equipment, HTS maskinteknikk may offer calibration services to customers, including:

  • Dial Gauge
  • Calipers; 50-1000 mm
  • Thread rings and thread plugs
  • Master-rings and gauges
  • Micrometers
  • Dial test indicators 

Our state-of-the are Trimos Labconcept 1000 calibration machine offers impressive accuracy and precision. Check out our machine overview for details and technical features regarding our calibration service, or contact us for a discussion on how we can provide you with the best within calibration technology.


AT HTS maskinteknikk we know the importance of solid documentation routines. For over three decades we have delivered high precision mechanical components to demanding industries such as subsea, aerospace and defence, where documentation requirements are complex and comprehensive. Our documentation department features a highly competent and experienced staff, who is well accustomed to documentation requirements, standards and regulations, in order to support our business.

Continuous Improvement

HTS maskinteknikk has adopted an extensive Continuous Improvement Program which is built on business process orientation, risk assessment, performance management and training & compliance. The result is a comprehensive measurement & steering system that enables employees throughout the organization to systematically work with continuous improvement. By managing our organization through standardized business processes we are able to mitigate risk and deliver flawless quality to industries where precision, quality and risk management are crucial for success. Another important concept is our Operating Model Philosophy, where Knowledge Based Management and Lean are important corner stones.