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HTS launches offensive Industry 4.0 initiative

Created 04/12/2018 14:27

HTS 4.0
At March 16, HTS launched its Industry 4.0 initiative “HTS 4.0 – Changing the game”. The initiative includes a comprehensive and offensive technology strategy that takes aim at disrupting the mechanical production industry in Norway.

- The general idea has always been that companies in high-costs countries can legitimize high end prices by ensuring high product quality and strong project deliveries. We however, want to “change the game” for the mechanical production industry by substantially decreasing production costs and increasing customer value through an offensive Industry 4.0 approach. Anders Dahlgren, Director of Operations and leader of the HTS 4.0 initiative, explains.

- We have always been a front-runner when it comes to technology adoption, but with our HTS 4.0 initiative, we want to position ourselves as the market leader within Industry 4.0.

Investing in cyber-physical production

The initiative has a five-year span, and covers digitalization-, Industrial IoT (Internet of Things)-, and Robotics projects. The company has taken an offensive approach and has signaled substantial resource allocation and investments in the years to come.

- Our goal is to establish a digital production environment with cyber-physical production lines that enables autonomous production for both serial- and prototype production. We started planning for the initiative in 2016 and have already invested in both robots and software, Anders says.

The company has signed collaboration contracts with digital partners, automation partners and equipment suppliers but emphasizes that the digital knowledge needs to stay in-house.

- Designing and implementing an Industry 4.0 environment is one thing, but without a dedicated and competent work force the results will suffer. In the end, it’s all about re-allocating resources from repetitive tasks that can be automated, to creative-, and more value-adding tasks. This implies automating both production- and business processes, and with today’s technology development within RPA and vision-based robotic systems, such an approach is finally feasible.

No getting around disruptive technologies

The initiative was presented at a company kick-off for all employees at the Scandic Ambassadeur hotel in Drammen, which included a live presentation of programming a cobot (collaborative robot) from Universal Robotics/APS Robotics.

- The feedback was amazing. I believe the employees see that there is no getting around disruptive technologies, and that we need to embrace the possibilities that lies within machine learning/IA, robotics and Industrial IoT to increase competitiveness and secure jobs. The employees will also end up doing more creative and rewarding tasks and get the opportunity to develop their digital competence which will be crucial in any future job. To put it somewhat extremely; the workmanship lies not in your hands, but in your mind, and this is what we are going to cultivate with HTS.4.0. And to be frank, if you are not a disruptor, you will end up being disrupted, and I believe too many companies has experienced the fatal consequences of this throughout history, Anders concludes.

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