HTS maskinteknikk has provided turning services for over three decades, and has solid experience and competence in transforming complex engineering solutions into machined products. We are specialized in the machining of advanced subsea materials such as:

Inconel  625

and are a market leader in the turning of hydraulic couplings for subsea installations.

HTS maskinteknikk has one of Norway’s largest production line of CNC operated lathes, and with more than 35 lathes our turning facility features both machines optimized for efficient serial production as well as machines dedicated to prototypes and small series.

Close collaboration with world renowned machine manufacturers has resulted in a series of customized lathes including the world’s first Nakamura CNC lathe with two bar-feeders, a Mazak Integrex with an add-on Gantry robot, and a Nakamura CNC lathe with three turrets making it possible to machine both outside and inside of the workpiece simultaneously at an extreme precision level.

Check out our machine overview for details and technical features regarding our turning service, or contact us for a discussion on how we can provide you with the best within turning solutions.